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Auto-Hybrid Redraw Issue

Andy Broomell


Trying to utilize Auto-Hybrids in a design for a small set for a play. Video of issue below. Essentially when I delete something from within the AH then exit it, it's still showing that deleted item. It still appears even after using the Flyover Tool, Saved Views, etc. It only "updates" if I physically move the AH object. The issue persists even after restarting VW and my computer. It also happens in blank files. Any ideas why this is happening?



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I've seen this, too.


Try switching the Display pulldown in the OIP from 2D & 3D to 2D and back again.


Or you can also use the Reset All Plug-ins from Tools > Utilities > 


Either of those should make the Auto Hybrid redraw itself.


If this hasn't been filed as a bug yet, it should be.






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