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Beginner's Question - 2D and 3D

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Its in the View menu. Under Align Layer Views. There is an option to show Screen objects in active layer. You will need to uncheck that. You should probably investigate further screen and layer plane objects and the differences between them.


Hope that helps

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It's even easier than running a script. Select All, then in the OIP, under the Plane menu (which should be blank because you have objects selected on multiple planes), select "Layer Plane". Now all your objects will be moved to the Layer Plane.

OIP LayerP.png


Next,  go to the Active Plane menu at the top of the drawing window and select "Layer Plane". Everything you draw will now be drawn on the Layer Plane.

Active Plane menu.png




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On December 10, 2016 at 5:53 AM, Alan Woodwell said:

@BrooklynHi if some are on screen plane and some on layer plane there is a script by By Petri Sakkinen 2010 that changes them all instantly, its a Plug-in . Attached is the Zip file for Mac and PC. Read the instructions in the Documentation PDF. Pretty simple and works a treat.



PlaneMode (1).zip

I have maybe a similar script, not sure its the same.  Can you confirm this works in 16/17 Alan?

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