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Set 3D View broken in 10.5?

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This tool used to have 2 different functions:

Used in plan view, I would get a dialogue prompting me to input viewer height etc.

But used in a 3d view, I could use two points to define the axis of the next view.

I utilized this second feature to manually unfold 3D objects converted to 3D polygons.

Now, however, this function has disapeared from the tool: When i connect two points using the set 3D view tool - and using a 3D view - I get the viewer height dialogue, alas.

I have no alternative procedure to unfold 3D polygon objects.

Is this tool broken - or is it moved somewhere else? If it is broken - does anyone have different procedures to unfold objects?

By the way: an automatic unfolding tool should be in the next version of the program.

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The first time the menu is used in a session of VW 8 and/or within a file, the dialog box appears. The dialog box does not appear the next times the command is run in a session of VW since the settings are retained in memory.

To try this, open VW 8 with a blank document. Draw a cube and then go to set view. As long as this is the first file you've worked in within this session of VW, you should get the Set View dialog box.

VW 9 and 10 are working the same way VW 8 did, but you have the option to change your set view options every time the Set 3d View menu is used.

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