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Pure VW vs Localized VW

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There are Options to upgrade from international VW to a localized version of VW.


While I am interested in

- localized Plugin Objects (WinDoor and such)

- localized Presets


I am not fully convinced by having

- localized App language and terms

- localized Libraries and Service Select Content only

- later Release Dates (6-8 weeks)


Is there a way to have access to both Versions ?

(Beside buying another License and Select Contract)

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While I have no answer so far,

I played quite a bit to examine differences between EN and DE versions of VW.


And I see quite a large difference between the two.

It is not only the localized + extended Presets and PlugIn Objects Tools like Door and Window

that have a better UI and far more (useful) options. There are little changes at all corners,

like some more new Furniture Tools available and a lot of little helpers I miss so hard in VW EN.

Like Search and Replace to edit Class/Layer Names in one go, Auto Dimensioning and much more.


So a lot of additional value which makes me thinking about maybe spending some money.


As I generally prefer an international version of (all) my software.

(Not sure if I would have survived another 7 weeks until I get my hands on VW 2017)


Will VW continue with these large differences in functionality between international and localized versions

in the long run ? Or are there any plans to balance and synchronize between VW versions to a single united

VW package, where I can set any System Language and decide which Presets and Libraries I currently need ?

And if, could that happen in a timeframe that I likely would survive ?

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I can neither confirm nor deny details of any operation without the Secretary's approval. 

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8 minutes ago, Markvl said:

I can neither confirm nor deny details of any operation without the Secretary's approval. 


There are some buttons I just don't press. Not many... but some of the big red ones I avoid ;)

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Thanks Jim.


I, and my glass ball, read this (and previous statements and things happend in the past) as a,

Yes, we are working on a unique VW package but we may not finish at the time of the release of VW 2018

for several reasons. Yes, you may suffer from financial disadvantages if you can't hold back the temptation

to switch now and nearly double your service contract costs because it means starting from scratch with

current conditions and you won't get rid of it again, like with your RW purchase included in service contract.


I think that is a good base to make decisions about if I can or will afford new toys for my BIM hobby.

Tempting. :$

I see exciting and thrilling weeks and nights in front of me until the deadline ends :D


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Yes, function wise it is a no brainer.

But there is no language hurdle for you.


I would get in trouble if I would lose my wonderful worldwide support user base here

when I start to forget what is an "Extrude" because I get used to a term "Tiefenkörper",

(which doesn't make much sense anyway, as we have "extrudieren" or "Extruders" in manufacturing)

as it happens already when I try to communicate on the german forum.
Or if I would lose all those wonderful US Select Service Videos.


Will be easier if there will finally come a decision that it is possible to use both versions and resources in

parallel beside each other.

(which I think is very very unlikely and I may be the first only person person that asked for something

abstruse like that at all)

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Yes. The language barrier is a challenge.  I have wanted to view a number of online videos from Switzerland and Germany but I don't speak Deutsch. 


@Zoomer What country are you located in? My impression is that the Deutsch (variant) speaking nations seem to pushing the technical capabilities of Vectorworks the farthest. Is this your experience?


31 minutes ago, zoomer said:

Will be easier if there will finally come a decision that it is possible to use both versions and resources in

parallel beside each other.

(which I think is very very unlikely and I may be the first only person person that asked for something

abstruse like that at all)

Not at all. We have a Hong Kong studio, and looked at being able to run the Chinese and Australian versions in parallel. But without some serious work arounds, wasn't possible. From recollection, I think you would have to have a computer set up with an English user login and a second language login. Or maybe two machines, each set up for different languages.

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I'm german.


I always knew that the german version had some additional or advanced tools and optimizations

beside being just localized.

But looking at these again now with some more VW experience and knowledge of what I want and

need or not want, I see that many of these would be a great value for me. And yes, I think these have

a certain build quality.


But I only saw some screenshots from the OzCAD WinDoor Tool and that also looked quite useful.

I have no clue what nice Features Chinese, Spanish, Scandinavian or Japanese Localizations may have.

Are there separate versions for UK and Australia/NZ ?

I think I should look for their release videos on youtube. Maybe a lot of things I never knew I would need.


I think it is not satisfying for VW to see international users meeting on this forum, one having a problem

with Window Tool, the next user trying to help showing screenshots of his WinDoor Plugin which

will be unreachable for the others.

Therefore I think it makes sense to re-unite and bundle VW to one single package and that this will

happen at some point. While things are complicated and won't happen over night.

Would US users really like the german Door tool, when they don't really like their Stair tool. Or how to mix

OzCAD WinDoor with other BIM tool approaches. What is a worldwide Feature, what is Localization only.

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Yes, UK's version would be different to the Austalia and New Zealand  (ANZ) version.  Fortunately, most of the plugins that started in the Australian version have been rolled into the internatinal version (Camera, Heliodon, and so on).


Windoor is localised for ANZ, and would be really hard to rollout internationally. ANZ also has a great titleblock tool. There are the other great localised supplier libraries, but the international version seems far closer to the localised versions than it used to be.


How good a localised version is comes down to how committed to creating tools and customisations the local distributor is. Julian at OzCAD is great. Because of his great work, my impression was that Vectorworks ANZ was the best English version out there. Would love to know if this is in fact correct. 

I know Japan has had a number of tools that were way beyond the rest of the world. (Energy modelling way before Energos, and a people movement and egress tool, to name a couple.)

And with the InteriorCAD guys in Germany, I assumed this expertise would have percolated into the wider German Vectorworks ecosytem, lifting that community onto new heights. 

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The only way I can see all of these objects being rolled into the international versions is if we have a refinement in UI for objects. Objects options are too complex for most users.


I can see the added object styles in 2017 as being the first major step in this. Styles for each localisation? I think this is the logical progression of what happened when components were added to objects.

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