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Extrude along non-planar (NURBS) path

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I would like to extrude along a non-planar (NURBS) path; however, VW refuses to do the extrusion. I know my path and profile objects are fine, since VW will do the extrusion with the planar path.

Once I move some of the points on the path object on the Z axis, I can't extrude it anymore.

Is this a limitation of VW, or am I missing something?



Mac OS 9.2.1

VW 10.5

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Hi Chris,

Since I use quite a bit the extrude along path, I try to reproduce your problem: a circle (convert or not to nurbs) and a complicate (x,y,z) nurbs path (degre 5, 12 vertices, weights ranging from 1 to 3, and I even tickle a bit the Knots via VS... just in case) but he works fine as a linear or an exponential path extrude

Will be interesting to hear from others.

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Well I played with this a bit. I couldn't get it to work, so I referenced the User's Guide to see if it is documented. Sure enough. Page 9-17 in the VW User's Guide it states "Profile objects cannot be non-planer, self intersecting or a mixture of 2d and 3d profiles".

So it looks like what you are trying to do is not possible.

Is it possible for you to use the extrude along path and then manipulate the new object to make up for the vertices moved in the profile object?

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My profile IS planar (a circle), my path is non-planar.

In the past, I have used extrude on path on non-planar NURBS curves (for the path) that have been extracted from surfaces with success.

Therefore, I suspect there is a problem with how VW interprets the NURBS curve if the point locations in Z have been modified "manually".



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I'm all backwards today.

The profile can be non-planer. I worked with a nurbs curve that went all over the place and extruded a circle along the path - kind of like a really cool water slide.

Email the file to me, or just the path and profile objects in a new document and i'll take a look at the problem.


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