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Printing in VW 10.5 and OS 10.2.6/7 (Again)

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I posted this on the printing plotting page but got no answers.... Anybody.....?


We currently have 8 seats of VW 9.5.2 on a network of Macs all bar one running OS 10.2.6 (or .7 on the G5) and the remaining one on OS 9.2 (for printing reasons). We have a HP 1055CM on the same network and have had all of the problems printing to it that i found listed in these forums. We havent had any success in getting it to print consistantly from VW 9.5.2. My question is... Has the problems with printing been sorted in VW 10.5 as we will upgrade if it has but will not if it hasnt... Any input from users would be much appreciated....

Thanks in adavnce


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Can you please be specific as to the problems you are having with the printer ?

There are a few issues known with this printer, but they are often case specific. Knowing the problems you are having will aid in directing you with a resolution to the problem.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Richie,

You might want to try the new raster printing feature in VectorWorks 10.5. If you're having driver-specific problems, raster printing might very well short-circuit them.

You can try out the raster printing feature using the VectorWorks 10.5 Viewer, available here:


Best regards,

Mark Farnan

Core Technologies and Imaging Manager

Nemetschek NA

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