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Solid Subtracted Slab Error on Section Viewport





I think there is a bug when making a Section Viewport through a Slab with has been subtracted by an extrude and then viewing the section with Create Structural and Non Structural Groups toggled on.


Vectorworks doesn't recognize it's a subtracted slab and it separates it from the rest of the slabs surrounding it.


I attach a screenshot of the model and a screenshot of two section viewports.




Two Section Viewports.png

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I solved my issue. I was actually doing a mistake. The appropriate way to subtract or add something from or to a slab or wall is using the different AEC commands:


- Create Wall Projection

- Create Wall Recess

- Add 3D Object from Slab

- Subtract 3D Object From Slab


When one does it this way then there is no problem with the Create Structural and Non Structural Groups options in a Section Viewport.



AEC Commands.png

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