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Duplicating array problem/BUG

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With this new upgrade it seems you have your work cut out for you.

here's the newest problem..... With the upgrade to 10.5 the Duplicate (CTL,ALT,D) dialog box has changed how it works and how it opens. In VW 10.1 The dialog box opened and I could tab thru to quantity box and then onto the x or y box I wanted. Now as I tab it goes from Duplicate to Circular array... and when it does go there it automatically checks the rotate duplicate box. This screws things up because if I do go in and check the Duplicate box and then put in the XY cordinats thatI want and click OK my duplications then rotate... I then have to back up and do it all over again after I UN check the "Rotate Duplicate" box

What can I do to stop this...

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Well I hate to tell you this, but it looks like you'll have to initiate mouse movement to click in the Number box for Linear in order to tab over to the next stuff. It should leave the rotate turned off.

The rotate gets turned on when you tab thru and get to circular array (two tabs)

Meanwhile, I've buglisted this problem.

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When an update is available, the release notes will include a list of bugs fixed for that version.

If this problem is to be fixed in the next available update, the documentation will be available on the download page or somewhere within the website.

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