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"You have tried to create an empty solid object."?





I am trying to execute a simple solid subtraction and am receiving the error message, "You have tried to create an empty solid object." I'm not sure why this is happening. The solids are intersecting one another, the object I'm trying to subtract from is highlighted in red when I go to execute the subtraction, and I am only selecting the two objects.


Both objects are extruded polygons (the end vertices are connected). One was created using the simple point-by-point method, the other was created using the inner boundary mode (paint bucket), as I was created a 3D shape to fit perfectly inside a gothic style door frame. Both objects are on the same layer. Both objects are of the same class.


I gave as much information as I could think of because I don't know what I'm doing wrong and maybe some of this will assist in evaluating the situation.


I don't mind attaching the file if anyone needs to see it.


Thanks in advance!



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Are you tying to remove the larger blue extrude from the solid subtraction wall its currently positioned in?


The source object for this blue extrude has vertices within its perimeter, the extrude would have to be a single solid shape with no inner holes in this case. If you remove these extra inner holes from the polygon I suspect the subtract operation would work as expected:


Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.14.57 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.15.02 AM.png

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As Jim says its the extra lines in the extrude that are causing your problems. The easiest way to get rid of them is to Edit the extrude, switch to Top/Plan view, select the blue archway, Modify>Edit Polyline, hit delete and exit back out.This will give you a nice clean extrude to subtract from your wall.


If you're wanting to make the return for the doorway, I would recommend duplicating the extrude before. You can edit the duplicate, offset by the thickness of your return using the Offset Tool, subtract the new shape from the existing shape and exit the extrude. Now in Top/Plan, drag the extruded return to the required depth.


Feel free to ask for clarification if any of this isn't clear.


I'm guessing you're a theatre student and this is a school project. For your future work, it would be worth investigating the Wall Tool and how to make symbols that contain a Wall Hole Component.




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Worked like a charm! Thanks so much Kevin and Jim! :) 


You're right, I am a theatre student and this semester my class has been learning the ins and outs of the software. I am really grateful that this community is here and so helpful during those few times when my university resources just aren't cutting it.


- Morgen

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