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Josh NZ

Site Model Crop Issue

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I have seen that and I don't think there is anything you can do. You might try removing a couple of the source data points to see if that has an effect. But really i thing you should submit that as a bug

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Hi Josh.


Did you get a fix for this issue? I have created 3 site models recently that have all had this same problem. It's a little frustrating :(


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Hi there, nah no fix unfortunately, we were lucky enough on the particular site, it was so big that we were able to basically not show the whole site and use a small crop.

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OK, I have a "fix" workaround.  It's same problem as the clipped or bridged contours.  The surface mesh is connecting points that should not be connected.  Solution is similar, but inconvenient. I tried to induce the problem by making a crop with enclosed areas.



  1. Make a copy of the 2d crop object and paste it on a design layer.
  2. Use the split tool in point mode to isolate a section of the poly around/near the problem area(s)
  3. Offset this segment of the poly to outside of crop by a small distance. I used about .25 of minor contour interval. Offset to the inside doesn't seem to solve the bridging.
  4. Send to surface. This seems to work even on the cropped version of the site model, but if needed, send to surface of an uncropped version of the site model.
  5. This creates a group containing a 3d poly (or maybe several 3d polys).
  6. Ungroup (or Edit the Group), and Copy the resulting 3d poly(s).
  7. Enter the Edit Site Model Source Data. Paste in Place into the Site Model Source Data.
  8. Exit the source data space. Update the site model.


Note that if the site model was moved x,y from creation location, the edit crop and source data spaces retain the original positions.  Some guide objects may be needed to align the pasted objects.


OK, probably needs refinement.







Fix Setup.png

Fixed 3d.png


Edited by Benson Shaw
revised the image & text
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