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Worksheet sorting itens by layer level



Hello there...

I have a worksheet listing all the windows in my project. What I want to do is to sort it by layer, using my layer stacking order (or story level) to do it. Of course I could use "=L" and sort it by name, but them I get something like 1º FLOOR.... 2º FLOOR... and only them... GROUND LEVEL.


Is there a way out without changing "GROUND LEVEL" to "0 GROUND LEVEL"? That you mess with other worksheets I have...




VW 2014




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I think this will give you what you want for design layers. By using a worksheet Vectorscript you can get the stacking order of the layers by comparing the layer referenced in a database row to the layers in the "Layer List" kept by Vectorworks and accessible by the script.


The attached file has a worksheet. The Database of the worksheet looks for a symbol called "Layer Stack Order Marker". There is one instance of this symbol/marker on each layer.


Column A uses the formula =L to return the Layer Name that the symbol/marker is on. Column B uses a formula of =RunScript('GetLayerOrder'). GetLayerOrder is a Vectorscript that compares the Layer of the symbol/marker to the list of all the layers in the drawing to determine the stacking order. The number displayed should match the Stacking Order (#) column in the Navigation Palette or the Organization Palette.


Try dragging to change the order of the layers in the Navigation Palette and then choose Recalculate from the Worksheet File Menu.


A similar method could be used to get the Story information.


Any criteria that will return exactly ONE (1) object per layer could be used as the criteria for the database section.


Currently the GetLayerOrder script needs to be in the active file. It may be possible to store it in a single location for use across multiple files, but there appears to be a bug that crashes VW in some cases when using an external file.


I recommend that you play with the demo file before you add into a large working file. Make sure you have backups before you use. No warranty expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.


This file is for VW2017. This should also work in VW2016.


Ask if you need more information.


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Hello, Pat!


Just came back from long vacation period and now filling fresh for looking into this.


Thank you so much for helping me with this and I am sorry for the late answer. I really appreciate your effort in helping me.


Best regards,



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