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Triangulation: A work in progress

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  • Marionette Maven
2 hours ago, RHF said:

Hello MarissaF,

That's looking good!

Does it will work with an specified set of points?

Does it work in a non planar condition?





Currently it only works on the x, y plane.


This should work reliably with any set of points. The way I have it set up is that based on your starting geometry, the bounding box is taken and a specified number of points are placed within that rectangular area. After that, the points are all checked to see if they exist on or within the shape itself, if the points lay outside of the shape they are ignored. The remaining points are then triangulated using Delaunay triangulation.


If you wanted, you could specify exactly where each of the points sit instead of them being randomly generated.

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1 minute ago, Alan Woodwell said:

Better demote me.


Everything fine.

I wait until you do something really bad.



I suffer from triangulation :$

Like Slabs with openings when exported into a Mesh App.

Mesh Apps need ugly supporting Edges to build holes in a Face or planar set of polygons.

Therefore you would split the Face into quads at all of the hole's edges before and finally

delete a single quad poly to create your hole.


When Solids get finally meshed for export the triangles mostly start from one edge and you

often get ugly long thin triangles that in worst case even may overlap.

Similar happens for roads and such for DTMs in VW.


Could there be a more intelligent way to mesh complex solids (in theory) at all ?

(Beside not forcing triangulation for simple quad faces like the sides of a cube or wall)

Or is the current approach necessary and ideal as it mostly works with all complex conditions.

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  • Marionette Maven

lol @Alan WoodwellI was so confused as to how you could have done that from just my image...

Doing that with Marionette would be as simple as it was with my other image processing network! Totally doable. You'll just have to wait for me to share ;)



I'm currently looking into making meshes from points, which is similar to what it sounds like you're trying to explore.

I haven't gotten very far - the problem is mostly that it's very hard to determine where the outside of a set of points actually is, especially if there are concave areas in the solid. I think the reason that meshes from solids have those skinny triangles is due to the polygonalization of the edges in order to keep the detail of the surfaces, but I may be mistaken.


There may be a better way to accomplish it, but I can't say that I've seen anything better than what you're describing.

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No, in your case it looks quite good. :)

It was only a general question as you currently seem to deal with meshes.

And there are some occasions in VW where that is done already.

(DTM, C4D/FBX export, Mesh Objects, ....)


My question was if there can be a perfect solution at all in reality.


Currently I see that Solid's Edges aren't touched or further tessellated when a CAD meshes,

like you would do when you create a Mesh in a 3D Mesh App manually.

Everything happens between the vertices only. If you would arrange the triangles manually, you maybe

would choose different connections that could result in a better mesh.

Or if you have holes and need that supporting edges to the border of that face anyway, instead of getting any

arbitrary diagonal Edge to any Vertex, you may choose to make more Slices.


But could a computer or algorithm do the same "intelligent" work at all ?


Sorry, I think I am hard to understand.

I could look for some screenshots if any interest.

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