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Extrude from DTM

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Ah, slight update. If desire is to add color to top and sides of a spoil pile, a texture bed of slightly larger dimension can be placed over the top of the spoil pile.  Spoil piles taper slightly.  Blue one has texture bed long on the uphill side, but not quite long enough to cover on the lower side.  Gold one has texture bed offset enough to "cover" the sides of the pile. The two piles are slightly separated, so no Site Mod conflicts.






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Agreed on all the limitations.


Previously my system to create a slightly raised area (typically pavements/sidewalks along roads) was to do an extrude of the shape in plan, solids-intersect with the site model object, then raise it slighty. Rather messy. Using the spoil pile means that it doesn't have to be laboriously redrawn each time there's a change to the underlying site model or to the shape of the raised (or lowered) area.


Unofortunately it doesn't leave much scope for modelling things like dropped kerbs.


In my opinion the single most useful addition to the site modifiers would be a 'vertical edge' modifier. You'd draw a line, specify it was X height, and the ground on one side of it would be X higher than on the other side of it. It could be a closed shape or an open line with a taper back to level at each end.

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@Benson Shaw (or anyone else) - have you tried using the 2020 'hardscape' tool? Does it work - and/or go some way to addressing the issues discussed in this thread?



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That all looks good, addressing a long standing problem of transitions. I have not yet upgraded to 2020, because travel and working to end of a project in v2019.  So, not sure if/how this feature set applies to wish for easier projection of an area of the site model.  Will try to investigate when time allows.



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