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VW2017 file unresponsive

MRD Mark Ridgewell


I’ve got a vectorworks file that’s become very unresponsive/ pretty much unusable.

 It’s 151mb – is that just too big? It's only one floor so no complex stories or layers going on.

It’s a 3d model with some renderworks textures, 3d objects (as symbols), and lighting, but even with these classes turned off it makes no difference.

It was created in VW2016 originally but I’ve recently set up viewports on about 10 sheets using the ‘create interior elevation viewport’ .There’s about 30 sheet layers – is that too many for one file?

What's the most efficient way of working out what is slowing it down so much?

Suggestions appreciated so I can get drawings out from this file later in the week!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Not too big and not too many sheet layers, make sure to get the file to tech support and have them take a closer look. Often it is a particular type or bit of geometry causing the problem.


If you want to poke at it yourself, the quickest way is to enable Active Only for the Layer Options, then pull out each layer and paste each into a blank file, then see if the instability/slowness comes with the layer or not. If the document is only on one or two layers, then splitting it up by class to try and pinpoint the problem objects is also an option.

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