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Draping map over DTM


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Hi All,

Im a year out landscape architect. I have a 3D mesh digital terrain model created in vectorworks from OS contour data. What I would like to do is drape an image over that landform, for example the 1:25,000 OS map or a google earth image. I have tried to add the image as a texture as well as draping the bitmap over the landform, neither of which has worked. Is there something Im missing here. Are there any image file types that I should be using?

Any help would be much appreciated. 


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@Jonny31Nothing special, just create a texture with the image and apply to site model. If you don't see anything except change of colour its probably the scale of the image is too small. If you know the distance on your image use that in set by image in the texture.


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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have managed to apply the image as a texture but the scale of the image is too small. When I click on the model and then click the render tab, all the options (including the scale bar) appear briefly (less than a second) and then disappear to leave me with only the sketch and texture option. Do you know a reason for this? Cheers

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Hi I am having the same trouble also, have imported 3d contour shapefiles and geotiff for a 1000 ha property my client want to run a visual simulation on for council. Have converted the contours to a site model and want to 'drape' the geotiff over the surface of the model using the existing scale and coordinates, perhaps I'm wrong but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this besides converting the aerial to a texture and placing a texture bed with the image on the surface of the terrain. This process throws out the scale and coordinate mapping of the aerial making it time consuming and inaccurate. Is there an easier way?

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I would probably go the other way. Export your model as a KLM file with your co-ordinates and then when you open the file it will open in Google Earth and it will take you to the site with your 3D model there in position. As long as yo have the correct Co-Ordinates and relative levels.

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