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Josh NZ

Best Approach to Setting Up Multistory Layers and Classes

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I am curious on how other offices set up their cad files with respect to multistory dwellings.

At the moment for a single storey structure we have a Design Layer for each of the Floor, Walls and Roof heights of a dwelling.

For say a two storey structure we repeat the same three layers.

The class list is fairly simple, Walls Ext, Walls Int, Roof, Floor etc.


In particular my query is to do with how people show two similar objects in two different ways in one plan.

An example being the roofs on a First floor plan.

The ground floor roof is shown solid as it is below the plan.

The first floor roof is shown dashed as it is above.


One approach is two have a class for every roof and layer, eg Ground Roof, First roof etc.

The other way which I use is to have a DL VP which shows just the first roof dashed.

That way can keep the simple class list and still use a class override for most objects.


Hope all that makes sense.



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My layer stack looks something like


2| Roof

2| Ceiling

2| Overlay

2| Floor Plan

2| Underlay

1| Roof

1| Ceiling

1| Overlay

1| Floor Plan

1| Underlay


(For us the first floor = ground floor)

I use the polygon tool in lasso mode to create an overhang line on 2|Roof and move it to 1| Overlay.   Depending on the client and how comfortable they are with SLVP annotations, I often have Roof Overlay layers if the 3D roof doesn't successfully show sections of roof that tuck under other roof planes successfully.


EVERYTHING that isn't 3D goes on an overlay (or underlay) layer.  Dimensions, notes, callouts, centerlines, guidelines, etc.




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