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Mirror tool-use last object



It would be a really helpful addition to the Mirror Tool if there were an additional mode where it remembers the last object used to mirror across. Alternatively or in addition to it could use a named object such as Centre Line as it's axis. 


I am often needing to mirror objects across a "centre line" for instance, and it is laborious to have to keep selecting the same objects time and time again.



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No have not been using Sams plug ins, however I have just used X coordinates in LW and as most units where 0.001 of a mm off the full number the paperwork started to look fairly ordinary. Easy to clean up but really just a fault of the mirror tool locking onto  something ever so close to the centre line. Just need drop down menu to select the mirror reference point on the X or Y. 


Thanks for your time




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Why would you want to mirror the same object more than once?


As for automatically using the centerline, such a tool could be made.  It would be fairly easy if the tool could assume that all that is required is reversing the sign on the X coordinate and duplicating the Y coordinate.  For centerlines that are not on X=0, the math is trivial.


Current procedure:

a) Select object(s) to be duplicated

b) Select mirror tool

c) Draw line


Desired procedure:

a) Select object(s) to be duplicated

b) Select command to mirror across centerline.


Although the savings are recognizable, they are small.  Using snap points, should make drawing a short line over the CL trivial, it does for me.

Not an unreasonable request, but it is difficult to get to the top of the list of things to do.


BTW, there is an AutoPlot command that can cleanup fixture coordinates.




Samuel L. Jones
Developer of AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight
E-mail: sjones@autoplotvw.com
Skype: AutoPlotVW
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2 minutes ago, Sam Jones said:

Why would you want to mirror the same object more than once?



It's not the same object that needs mirroring, its the repetition of the mirror axis. It's repetitious to select the same axis point over and over again when it is most often the centre line that I need to mirror across. If the tool could be switched to remember the last set of coordinates or learn a named object then I would certainly find that useful. I work onsite a lot these days and with laptop screen space at a premium it is not always efficient to zoom away from an object to find the centre line in order to mirror across  it.



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