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Selection Tool - Multiple deselect from selected



It would be useful if you could deselect multiple objects with a drag box.


This would be similar to the current function when holding 'shift' and drag marquis around, which deselects selected - but also selects unselected. Maybe holding down 'ctrl' could only deselect, and holding down the apple key could only add. Or perhaps an option for the selection tool, to only add or only remove.



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Hi JimW, thanks for your response. I've uploaded a short vid to try and explain more clearly - the goal would be to unselect all boxes on the right, whilst maintaining the selection of all boxes on the left:



As you can see,  the current functionality selects unselected AND unselects selected - It would be useful to be able to ONLY add or ONLY remove from selection.


Apologies if this is already a function as you have said and I am missing something! In the video I am trying various combinations of shift+fn, shift+ctrl, shift+alt, shift+cmd.


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