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door vso error


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I'm having a problem with the door.vso, since 10.5 update.

I can not add or edit any doors, as I get a script error. And then the doors I had in the drawing all disappear.

I checked and my door plug-ins are not locked (as mentioned in a previous post on the NNA tech board.

Any quick remedies?

Here is the message from the error output

but the parenthesis are taken out for post to be allowed


IF 127 =Interior only OR 127 =Exterior/Interior AND -101/2 +146 -126 < 95 THEN 95 :=-101/2 +146 -126


Error Identifier not declared.

Error Expected a string.

Error Did not expect this after end of statement - missing ?

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I am having the same problem with the door simple...getting a locked plug-in error with the same information in the Error Log. I have reinstalled from VW10 and all the upgrades to 10.5 and still have the problem.

I am running on OSX 10.2.8

I checked the lug-ins folder and the files are not locked and all the permissions are unlocked also.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I never resolved this issue, so I went back to 10.1

I tried redownloading VW10.5 update, and the works.

In the beginning, to install 10.5 I had to update to os9.2.2. Perhaps updating to 9.2.2 wasn't perfect?

but I noticed with other things:

if there is something wrong in the system folder, VW acts up. This is my only theory so far.

I hope someone has found an answer.

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