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Forum Upgrade Results and Future Community Plans

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
9 minutes ago, Tom Klaber said:

I am going to counter the current trend of congratulations.  I miss the old forum....I used to get work done.  Now with this new slick forum - I spend my whole day nerding out and arguing with like-minded VW geeks.  I worry about my job. 


See, the trick is to get a software company to pay you to talk/joke/debate/argue with VW geeks all day ;) 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thank you! My team is awesome and the other departments here that made a lot of this possible are to thank as well. It may LOOK like I do it all but without them I'd be huddled under a desk surrounded by eternally ringing phones ;) Hopefully their roles will become more visible and more discussion can occur between employees and the public as things progress!

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A few years ago as a new forum member I remember saying to a friend how bad the forums were. I am not talking about the software but the general feeling and community spirit. I came from a non architecture forum and just thought that's how things were.


Fast forward to now and the difference is day and night. Jim has to take a fair amount of credit but there are so many helpful people on here and it all feeds on itself and just gets better.


As for the new forums: Build it and They Will Come

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