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3D pipe drawings


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I need 3D pipe drawings if anyone has a good place to get 3D pipe already made up like 45? elbows etc along with pvc pipe and all the related fittings I would appreciate it. I want to draw this stuff in 3d but without it already made it makes it work!!

I also want mj's if there out there too thank you.

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VW Architect has a number of Plumbing Fittings symbol libraries in which you are referring to.

If you do not have Architect, please contact our Sales team to get it. ( 1-888-646-4223)

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katie Archatect does not have 3d pipe objects they only have 2d objects what I need is 3d pipe objects. I do have archatect but..

I want to draw a pipe layout that is technical being I need to see the objects in relative space so I don't have them run into each other. I need to see the objects (of which there are many) with the fittings attached like valves and elbow's, mj(mecanical Joint flanges) etc. This is a common situation and they exist in autocad but. I don't use autocad and dont' know how to get them from autocad. I do know that they exist in autocad though because they make diagrams all the time with auto cad.

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