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Worksheet - Sum of Database Items (Area Totals)

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Hey all,


Quick worksheet question for the veterans. Is it possible to get a SUM of areas generated from space objects. The SUM function adds together the number of database objects rather than of the information they are providing. I've attached a dropbox link to a jpeg that will explain it better than I can. 


https://www.dropbox.com/s/z62v30i61i5965i/Worksheet Screenshot.png?dl=0 

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At a guess you have =('Space'.'11_Area')  in your database header rather than =('Space'.'Area') - this is the difference between 'Space Area' and Space Area Number when you are selecting fields under create report.


If you change the header to =('Space'.'Area') it should work - you will have to add the 'sq m' as a trailer to the cell formatting.

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