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Unstyled indoor override by unknown settings



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I had similar when testing Door Styles (Normal VW Windows/Doors)


I double and tripple checked Class Setups in the Window Settings but only saw

fill colors in rendering. Everything set to components and components by class.


Finally I found that something deactivated the setting "Use Textures/... at creation"

beside the Material Assignments in Classes Settings.

(I never ever had deactivated that setting before in my life)


After correcting that it worked as expected again.

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Thank you for the responses. I am very familiar with the advice you have provided, and have tried all these measures once again. Regardless, I am unable to control the 3D finishes of indoor symbols, in particular interior doors. Can anyone else provide any advice re: my initial questions?

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@OrnetteHi, Ok what it is you have styled doors (Symbols) and they are using class WD doors and frames, generally the doors will use WD 2d class. Many of your classes are not set to use at creation nor use solid. If neither of these are selected you wont get any textures to show up. Change these and add the texture to the class and they will appear.

See attached image with the Symbol doors.




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