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import image file should create a resource



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I think a "Keep as Resource" option during import is the way to go, the image resource should be selectable as both a source image for renderworks textures as well as image fills in addition to being draggable from the resource manager into the document as a bitmap. Submitting request now. VE-97166

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Yes, you are on my page exactly.  Let's say I have a piece of research regarding some brick coursing.  I add it in to the page via drag and drop, and VW places it as an image and also creates a resource of it, and I choose to put it in my resources/images/brick/ folder.  Then later, I want to change that research to something I already have in my brick folder, I just replace the image like I would a symbol and it goes exactly where I had the other one.


Like how InDesign references an image to a crop. 

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I can see the use for this, especially for images that can be used as textures, so upvoted this.


Though I would like it to be an option, which may be on by default and can be turned off (or on) upon import. I wouldn't want a 16 GB sat image to be automatically converted to a resource in my VW document. :-

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28 minutes ago, Art V said:

I wouldn't want a 16 GB sat image to be automatically converted to a resource in my VW document. :-


Hmmh, but I think it will end like this (?)


At least it is for image textures from materials.

So i had no problem if these were also "shown" in ressources.


I'm quite happy that it seems that after deleting an unused RW Texture or purging,

the image textures at least also get deleted from the file.

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