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BIM | Goodbye Design Layers - Hello Super Layer

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2 hours ago, zoomer said:


Yes, just the way you see/control it in an IFC Viewer like Solibri.


My question was if that System is something in a direction like Tom can imagine for Super Layers ?



That is how I am reading it.  That objects are classified by where they exist in space rather than what layer they are on.  You still have the visibility control without having to silo objects on one design layer or another.

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4 hours ago, zoomer said:


Yes, just the way you see/control it in an IFC Viewer like Solibri.


My question was if that System is something in a direction like Tom can imagine for Super Layers ?


ifc is a very well thought classification system, to suggest any modification would mean to have to co-work in the product room of the buildingsmart alliance. not a cheap endeavor, i'm afraid...

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why, ifc is a living system :) it's constantly improving.


coming back to bricscad: i've always encountered compromises when it comes to engineering functionality. if something is further ahead, something lags behind. what is it in this case? textures, components, ifc data?

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I think IFC was well thought from the beginning and has a strong foundation.

So I would more expect some additions than large changes.



I think the main problem is that it was built to be an Autocad (Alternative) and Autocad users should

feel at home. So, although being a much better Autocad as I think, it still looks and feels like an Autocad.

(Command line usage needed, Tools work one time only and have to be re-activated each time, ...)

A workflow I will never get used too and never reach my "flow". Your mileage may vary.

These are its 2D/3D ACAD basics with a lot of little nice improvements - for a ACAD users.

Other than VW that tries to keep things simple and easy you will often get confronted with the whole

complexity of a real CAD Software. Bricscad offers Settings for everything. And if you have 10 times

more settings in App Preferences than VW it gets quite hard to find that one simple setting to set working

units from mm to cm.


Everything that exceeds that (improved) ACAD legacy content, like BIM that started only 1-2 years ago

they do completely from scratch and in a very fresh, independent and intelligent way.

So kind of like "Modo" for CAD.

I think it is quite interesting for us users to look at those other Apps, to develop a better understanding of

which way we wish our VW Tools improved or which direction we like VW to go.




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there's always a question if an app should continue to develop like it used to do, or just to write it from scratch facing the bim evolution.

i also don't really believe a cad app may be that improved to serve the whole bim environment. even one of the youngest apps (revit) still has troubles with its over-parametrized approach. in this way we, as vw users, are really better off with the software's flexibility in the parameter settings, although it means to have to manually set up many things after they are already modelled - architects don't like such approach, as they are supposed to be artists, and not programmers.


i'm really curious if the rewriting of the vectorworks' file format will bring more bim functionality into the application...


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