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Changing Precision

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I know how to set the precision of angle dimensions on a global basis (Units). But I have a doc with dozens of angle and linear dimensions and builder now wants just degrees instead of degrees/minutes. Is there a better way than clicking one at a time? The selection commands don't distinguish be/t angle and linear dimensions, so can't use that. And can't see where to change precision via scripting. Any ideas?

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This took an hour more than it should have due to incorrect documentation and odd program behavior.

The following script will set the precision for each angular dimension on the active layer as you wish. It falls short in its inability to update the dimension text on screen. I leave this as an exercise to the curious, or NNA's engineering staff.

There is a fairly easy work around if all the DIM's are at the top level of the layer. After the script is run, all the angular dimensions are selected. Toggle one of the check boxes in the OIP (i.e. - Show Dim Value) and the screen will update. If your dimensions are inside groups, you will have to enter each group and toggle the OIP, sorry.

I tried RedrawAll, moving the text and moving it back, turning it off and then on again, and a few other things I already forget. Without manually moving the text, or toggling an OIP switch, the DIM text does not reflect the VS change.

Regarding the documentation, you must read Dimension ObjectVariable 20 as an integer (as documented), but it must be written as a LongInt. Do not read it as a LongInt, or you'll get garbage. It's workable, but confusing.

Good night, and good luck,



procedure SetDimDisplay;	

{Author : R. Mullin; Date : 25 September 2003 }

{ Sets the dimension precision for each angular DIM on the }

{ active layer and leaves all the angular DIM's selected. }


Precision = 1; { 1 = D, 2 = DM, 3 = DMS, 5 = 0.0, 6 = 0.00, 7 = 0.000, 8 = 0.0000 }

function SetDimPrecision(H:Handle):Boolean;


if (GetType(H)=63) and (GetObjectVariableInt(H, 26)=5) then begin { 5 = Angular Dim }

SetObjectVariableLongInt(H, 20, Precision); { 20 = Primary DIM Precision }

SetSelect(H); { will leave dimension selected for manual update }


End; { SetDimPrecision }



ForEachObjectInLayer(SetDimPrecision, 1, 2, 0); { All objs, Deep, Active layer }




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