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Design Layer Raster Rendering


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Design Layer Raster Rendering defaults to 72 DPI in Document Settings.


Isn't that quite antiquated ?

I measured my old 30" Cinema Display that is far from any Retina Display today.

Even for this I get a Display Resolution of 102 DPI.

And I thought, 72 DPI was CRT only decades ago, all upcoming LCDs had about 90 DPI ?


As my experience with higher DPI settings, since I use SL VP Renderings, was very positive,

I also increased my DLRR to 150 DPI (so more than my Monitors 102 DPI)


EDIT : looks like 102 DPI = Monitor Res is better though.


So far I see only advantages as Line Display in OpenGL is much better now, even my Finder VW File

Icons Preview look no much sharper and better.



So my question,

do I miss any disadvantages ?


Will this really make my OpenGL slower or weaker ?

Does this also help 2D Views line quality ?

Anything else ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This ONLY affects printed output directly from the design layer. It does not affect the on-screen display at all nor does it affect Export Images or Publish actions done from sheet layers. It's a holdover from before sheet layers existed I believe and does not affect much these days, since most users physically printing to a high quality already use viewports and sheet layers.

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Well, for Sheet Layers that I will take normal Screen Shots from with my Screenshot App

(Not CMD+C > CMD+V to Preview App !!!)
I set DPI higher than it will display for screen grabs, as it makes OpenGL Lines enabled

much more crispier, nearly like HL Mode, while OpenGL rendering much faster.


So you say DL-RR has no effect on Monitor Display Quality at all.

Now I can't see any differences when switching anymore.


So did my eyes go so much worse the last months,

or did someone undocumented adjust the Line Display Size in OpenGL like I wished

or ist it just a Sierra thing ?

For me 3D Display looks somehow better in 2017.






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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

No clue in regards to 10.12, I haven't tested Sierra at all personally and won't be until QA clears it. We DID include some backend changes for properly handling higher screen DPI in 2016 and then tweaked it a bit in 2017, but I do not know how that would pertain to a specific OS.

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It looks like it is depending on the content of the drawing how crisp it looks.


Colors, Textures, Gray Tones behind the lines and Heliodon Lighting seem to help the Lines and Antialiasing.

So If I set comparable environments I can't see any any differences between 2016 and 2017 anymore ...



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