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Flyover tool should act like zoom and pan, and leave the selection intact



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1 minute ago, JimW said:

Currently, even if you add a function for middle click on a trackpad (mac or windows) or on the Magic Mouse, which you can do in a number of ways, Vectorworks will not acknowledge that when it comes to the boomerang-mode flyover that you get with pressing and holding the middle mouse wheel and CTRL. That's the key item you lack with the MM or any trackpad.


Seems solvable.

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12 minutes ago, Tom Klaber said:

The only thing worse than drafting on a magic mouse is drafting on a track pad . :)


Haha I guess its about what you're used to. I drafted for years on my 12" Aluminum Powerbook G4 using a trackpad. Still the best Mac laptop ever. The only thing I won't draft with is a corded mouse.


Back the the original wish though, which I believe is to be able to maintain selections and navigate around a model. Selections are associated with tools so ultimately navigation needs to be separated from tools. And navigation modifiers need to be fully customizable by the user. I'd be much happier if the flyover boomerang mode were the space bar (and still pan in sheet layers)....


(The current behaviour is inconsistent anyway, since you use the left mouse button to flyover when using the tool, and the centre mouse button when invoking the boomerang mode.)



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I wish we had better support the Apple Magic Mouse.


You should be able to pan, scroll and zoom without using the keyboard or using any tools.


Touching the mouse with two fingers should be the equivalent to holding down the option key, so you can zoom and pan with the mouse. So if you have "Mouse wheel zooms" activated you would scroll with two fingers and zoom with one finger. Otherwise you would scroll with one finger and zoom with two fingers. A third gesture, maybe three fingers on the mouse,  would activate the flyover tool.



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