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lights not working (but not all)


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I think the geometry is for visibility in rendering.

Symbol is ok as being used multiple times.

So ok to include the Light Source - in VW - often Light Sources in Symbols/Instances

will not work in other software (e.g. VRAY4C4D).


If geometry is needed in a Symbol for calculations (?) - do something in.

If calculations work without anything else beside the Light Source,

leave it out if you do not need to see anything in renderings.

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I understand light fixtures like this :


A manufacturer, like Erco, creates a Symbol with the Geometry, Renderworks Textures, Class or Object Settings,

IFC and all other Data and finally includes a VW/RW Light Source with their IES Data.


At least I saw it that way for Chairs or Furniture (without lights of course)

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