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Construction Drawing Setups - Xrefs

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I know this is a lengthy subject and various ideas and thoughts....but I just finished having an email exchange with tech support.  We have 3 VWs files, one survey base file (this was cad info imported in and then saved as a VWs file), and 2 other files (one for improvement sheets and one for grading sheets).  We reference the survey into both and the grading and improvement reference each other.  We have them set up this way so as info changes drawing backgrounds update.  


However when working in one of them - the survey shifted off origin for some random reason....messing up whole drawing.  We imported the survey file first and them began working in both files.  Tech guy told me this:  


"If you import a DWG or Shapefile, these files automatically will change the origin of the file. This is why we normally recommend importing into a separate document and then copy the objects into your working files. This prevents these origin changes from effecting your existing files."


My question is this:  if VWs recommends copy and pasting base info then how do we effectively work when background information changes daily?  I don't see it being very effective to have to erase all survey info and then copy the survey base info in if you get an updated survey, or building background or utility background or any other discipline backgrounds......   


I set up the xrefs per tutorial videos and help.  I am a bit stumped on this one......This is not the first time xrefs have caused us issues.  But I reference in MEP files (sometimes 2 or 3 files), architectural and civil consultants.  That's alot of info to manage.  

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When importing the dwg file containing the survey make sure that in the location tab of the import dialogue you set the option " Align with internal origin" . That way the 0,0 of your survey will align with the internal origin of your document an shifts or your origin should not occur. Upon (re)importing updated files and maintaining this setting it should import at the proper location.


The "downside"  is that the survey may end up (hundreds of) miles away from your internal origin.


Shapefiles should already import aligned with the internal origin of the document provided you did set up the georeferencing properly.


Rule of thumb for working with georeferenced files... make sure all origins of all documents are aligned with the internal origin and then leave it alone, that should prevent shifts of the origin, especially if you are referencing files.

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