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I am trying to render a 3D model in Vectorworks Spotlight, with graphics. I have added these graphics using import Image file (They are JPGS from PNG. It all looks fine, but when I render the model, some of the graphics are not changed, but some are completely enlarged, misplaced, or missing. Can anyone tell me why does this happen and how to fix this?


Thank you

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Hi Mark,


Thank you very much for your reply. Please see the 2 Pdfs attached. One is of the final quality renderworks view, and the other is the wireframe image. I have attached all the Graphics as PNGs, the same way and all of them are visible apart from the large image in the back. I have tried resaving them, making a new image and importing it in, and it still didn't show.  I have no idea why or how this happened.

wireframe model.pdf

rendered image.pdf

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No, I'm afraid not. Send a wetransfer link to me here markdoubleday@mac.com and I'll take a look when I have time today.


Have you tried purging the document. This will remove any unused resources. You need to be careful though as you don't want to lose any resources that you think you may need later. Save a copy first and purge the copy to be on the safe side. 

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How do they respond in a rendered Viewport?

Generally however I don't like using images in this way, and see them more as part of a 2d or pseudo 3d workflow. They don't respond well to light imo.


I prefer to create Nurbs surfaces from the walls and apply an image based Texture.

You can then control the placement & scaling of the texture using the Attribute Mapping Tool

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To create the Nurbs Surface:

Move it off the wall a smidge

Draw a rectangle on the face of the wall.

Model>3d Power Pack>Create Surface From Curves


You can then either create a texture and apply it to this surface, or apply any texture to it and then apply a Decal. (probably the best in this case if you're new to Renderworks)


Apply any texture:

With the Nurbs Surface selected in the OIP > Render Tab > Pick any texture

In the OIP Render Tab > Add Decal

Use the Attribute Mapping Tool to realign, reposition & rescale the Decal.  Note: The decal will not display in OpenGL renderings. You need to use minimum Fast Renderworks to view it.

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I'm afraid that the file you have sent me is taking an age to open on my laptop due to the size which (unless there is a huge amount of geometry elsewhere in the file) is excessive. What I have noticed is that there are many image resources that are externally referenced. I could be completely wrong, but this may be the reason for your problems with rendering the files as you wish. My advice is to delete the references and load the referenced png images into the file itself.





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