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Publish design layers?


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I might be missing something really simple.  Is it possible to publish or batch export design layers?  Specifically, I regularly need to export many design layers to DXF for import into CNC software.  I would be nice to be able to do this in a batch style, rather than exporting individually.  


Is it possible?


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No it wouldn't.  A saved view is just a "script" that turns a certain set of layers and classes (and other view items) on. Publish just uses that as a shortcut to the settings your want. Try it. Set up a Design Layer the way you would to Export and Save view.  Switch somewhere else (sheet layer) and then use the Saved View to come back.

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Brilliant!  I stand corrected, thanks Pat and BCD.  Thanks for all the help.  It took a bunch of tries because it's very finicky - you can't create a new folder for the exported files during publish, it just crashes.  So as long as you create the folder first then it works perfectly....




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I don't ahve a script but a workflow that will speed it up for you:

Create one giant Sheet Layer made up of 20x25 pages and place a single VP in A1

Duplicate Array to fil each page on the Sheet with the same VP

Then in the Organization Palette>Visibility target a different DL in each SLVP

Then Export the compendium SL to PDF.

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