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Josh NZ

Best approach for profiled metal cladding

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I am about to replicate the below image and wondering what the best approach would be.

I know I can use a texture and set the transparency mask to match the image. Might not get the crisp edges.

Can create using an extrusion but would mean slightly longer process to alter design if required.

Could maybe use Marionette? Which I don't even know where to start.


Any ideas/tips?



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Another idea would be to model a portion of the pattern as a symbol and then repeat in an array over the area you want to cover.  That would give you crisp geometry that would be fairly easy to modify if the design evolves.

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What about a flat 3d polygon instead of an extrusion?

Get accurate elevations and details but the polygon count down by not having the depth.

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Thanks for the help guys.

I am part way there using a texture.

The attached image used a pix-elated image so will retry.

In the meantime is there a way to make the two faces of the texture link, eg in the attached image I have highlighted in yellow the gaps.

Left face has the texture, right face has the texture but there is a gap in the middle.

Hope that makes sense.



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Josh you could use an image prop and place it as a picture in the location and use the transparent option within.

If you have a clear image you can use the trace bitmap and then extrude it to get a clean shape.

Attached is an image prop example, good for effect, not so good if you want to get close and see thickness.

If you have Illustrator you can convert the image to lines and then extrude the object.

Image prop.JPG


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I would do it like Alan said.


A 2D face with a transparent texture.

Maybe a second face in a distance small enough that it looks a bit more 3D

but so that you wont see through when looking from an angle.

Should work in this case when having a very dark material.

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If the original image is good quality you can try using Trace Bitmap > Ungroup and then fill with the 2D polygon bucket tool. There is usually some clean up but I usually get the repeat part of the image and can work from there. Depends how complex the fretwork is.

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