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Custom Connector /Cable Types

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Does anyone know if it is possible to define the cable options presented in the OIP? Im sure everyone can agree the connector types are not exhaustive...




Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 3.15.27 PM.png

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Yes, you can.  Currently there is not a good dedicated user interface to do so, but you can do it using the plug-in manager.

1. Go to Tools > Plug-ins > Plug-in Manager.

2. In the resulting dialog, click on the "Built-in Plug-ins" tab.

3. in the name list click on the "Jumper Cable VW" name

4. Click on the "Customize" button

5. In the resulting parameter list, select the "Connector" parameter.

6. Click on the "Edit..." button

7. in the resulting dialog, click on the "Choices..." button

8. Add the connectors you want to see to the bottom of the list.

9. Click on the OK or Close button ton all of the windows.

What you added should now show up in the drop down menu and be counted in any jumper worksheet created after the addition.





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I gave this a try but for some reason it is not showing up in my dropdown in the OPI.  Is there another step I need to take to get them to show up? 

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No.  There is no other step.  It should work.  It does work here.  I know this sounds silly, but double check that it was the Jumper Cable VW whose connector list you changed.  Not some other list in another cable object, like the Breakout list in the multicable .  Somehow, check to be sure that you have only 1 Jumper Cable VW installed in the VW folder and that there isn't one in the User folder.  However unlikely that any of this finds your problem, it's all I got





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I will check.  I usually don't run with any user folders for this very reason. I am definitely in the right Jumper Cable VW list.  I can add to the list, but the minute I click out of it and hit all the okays it never shows up in my drop down.  Oddly enough if I then go back into the list, the custom connectors I added disappeared. 

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Also check permission on your application folder. By default the folder is "read only". Vectorworks should give you a warning that it can not modify the file but I have seen times where there is no warning given.

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