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Creating Move Along Path Animations


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Beginning to dig into animations and see what I can do with it and use it to the companies advantage.


1.  The rendering mode: is this something that needs to be determined before saving a view?  If so does this mean that I need to render each view?  Looking to understand the time needed to produce a decent movie.

2.   Are most animations done with openGL?  They are by far the easiest to render but look flat and not so life like.

3.   Is it best to make many views or as few as possible.  If this question is linked in part to say question 1 I could see fewer being the ideal.


Any tips would be great.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1) No, you just have to pick that rendering mode right before you use Model > Create Animation.

2) They would just be the fastest, Create Animation works the same with that and the Renderworks modes. However, I always recommend testing the motion at least once in OpenGL first so that you don't sit and wait for a RW animation to finish only to find that you had two saved views switched or something similar.

3) Generally the more the better, but if it gets twitchy I usually remove the two points the problem happened at and then replace them with 3 at closer increments. Generally keeping the curve smooth in the Create Animation UI will get you smooth movement and if you see it rocket up or down between any two given views, more saved views might be needed.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Also, you shouldn't need to let the rendering finish before you do create animation, just starting Final Quality Renderworks and then cancelling it, then using Model > Create Animation should set the proper mode. It used to make you sit through it but I believe that was fixed in 2016 or 2017.

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