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curved angled sloping ramp

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Matt Love it, Always so much to learn. As I have said If you have a way to do things share it even if you think everyone knows it. We should have a new section called Shared Ideas. Rules No one can say yea I know that because there is always someone who wants to learn. Wall / Ramp image below.

Thanks again


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Nice rendering Phil!

The image (along with a chance of free samples) makes me want to visit there. :-P


Alan, Thanks.

You're right.  There are so many ways to do things in Vectorworks and sometimes we get caught up in more complex approaches when there's a much simpler way. What's "obvious" to one user is not always to another.

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@Matt Panzer  -


Thanks for the simple workflow for creating a curved sloping ramp. Unfortunately, it is not working for me. I wonder if something has changed since VW 2016, or maybe I have different settings for my round wall tool, but for some reason I can't get one end of the wall to move to elevation 0.  I can get this to work for a straight wall, (Image 1) but curved walls stay at a constant height. Do you or somebody else know why this would be? 


In the attached images, I show the curved wall that I'm trying to edit, (Image 2) and how moving the vertex does not change the wireframe outline of the ramp. (Image 3) There is a red reference line that appears to accurately slope from the vertex at 0 and the vertex at 1.5' Changing render modes/adding textures has not resolved the issue. Regardless of what render mode I am in, the ramp remains flat. I also tried adding fill/textures to the class's attributes, but the slope remains unchanged.


Strangely, if I set the wall to "curtain wall" instead of standard wall, the slope appears. (Image 4)


Thanks for any insight y'all might have





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The issue is that even after moving the height of one vertex to 0, the round wall from Image two remains unchanged, i.e. the wall heights are even and there is not a ramp. 


Strangely, when I copy/paste the objects into a blank file, things are working as they should. I will send you a private message with both the clean file and my existing file to see where the discrepancy might be.  

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I received your files and took a quick look. The problem stems from objects being placed far form the internal origin.

Since you file is not using georeferencing, you can fix it with the following steps.

I believe georeferenced files need more work to make sure referenced information stays in the correct place in VW 2019. However, VW 2020 SP2 added a new option to better handle it in those files.


So, for you file try the following steps:

  1. Backup you file (safety first!) 🙂
  2. Locate and delete the following objects (shown in the Object Info palette screenshots):
    The easiest way to find them is to:
    • Go to Top/Plan view
    • Turn on Unified View
    • Turn on all design layers and classes on
    • Zoom to fit
    • Try dragging a selection marquee in the blank space far from the rest of the objects (the rest of the objects will display very small).
      One you select them, make sure they're not needed and delete them.
      When you're done you can can zoom to fit again and repeat the process to select the other objects in the Object Info screenshots.
      Note: These objects are all very far from other objects in the file and are most likely errant.

      Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 10.49.54 AM.png  Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 10.50.08 AM.png  Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 10.57.05 AM.png
  3. Run the Center Drawing on Internal Origin command in the Tools/Origin menu.
  4. Check your file to make sure everything appears correct.
    You should also notice the round wall object will appear correctly.
    This most likely will also improve how other objects display and render in the document.


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