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Web View 3D \ VR Outputs

Lee Vaught


I was wondering if there was a way to insert our company  in place of the Vecorworks logo on the 3D Web views or VR tour Web  links. Would make for a great presentation tool.. But would prefer to contain our companys logo! I would say it would maybe still be okay to have a Vectorwork logo if it has to be there. But a place to add ours as well would be okay. However I would prefer to have the choice of which logos are on the display.


I did try swapping logos in the output folder of the 3D Files ..  But that did not work. By renaming our logo in place of the Vectorworks PNG file in the output folder.

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Guest AndrewG

Hey Lee,


You can only do this if you have some knowledge of how HTML works and if you Export Web View without uploading it to our servers. If you open the WebGlTemplate.html file on your local harddrive after the export, and you find the string "2016_logo.png", you can change this path to whatever you want. If you stick your image in the same directory, and replace "https://vgx.vectorworks.net/VWWebViewer v1.0.0.6/2016_logo.png" with "yourimagefile.png", it should just work. To show it to clients, you would have to host it on your own server.


Hope this helps. 




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