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Want to Add Planting Bed Name into Plant Report

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My current plant worksheets split the plants out by category (Ferns, Forbs, Graminoides, Shrubs, Trees, Vines). I would like to add a column that indicates the Planting Bed Name. I can add this bed location note within the Plant Settings dialog for the individual plant or mass. How is this accomplished when adding a Landscape Area with the specific plants defined? The plants within the bed show in the worksheet, but not the Bed name. How should the criteria be set up?

(I read another post that described adding the name of the landscape area to the data tab on the OIP, and adding a formula of differentiating criteria but got lost on trying that one!)

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I tested the schedule comments & works in the plants placed with the Place Plant tool. If I add them into a Landscape area, won't that pull them from the resource manager and then impact the same plant type definition fields used elsewhere in the document?


Edit Plants in Landscape Area.png

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Two other options:


Create a Class for each planting bed (or if you are already using classes for something else, create a subclass) and assign that class to the plants in that bed. You could then modify your schedule so that you can have a separate schedule for each bed. The nice thing about this is you could use Class Visibilities to quickly check and see if you had any plants scheduled to the wrong bed.


Alternately, you could create a custom record format and attach it to each plant instance. If you normally work on small projects with just a few planting beds you could even customize the record as a popup so that you just choose the bed and don't have to worry about typos. This could then be added to the schedule using a formula like ='MyRecord'.'BedName' (using the record and field names you choose). You can Attach the Record to multiple plants at once and Modify the Bed Name on multiple selected plants in the Data tab of the OIP.  


Let me know if you need more information.

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