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Question about Custom Items

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So I did a search for 'custom scale bar' - and everything but what I was looking for popped up.  Let's say we have an office standard scale bar that we use.  I have created this in VWs - is there a way to make this a resource that I can drop in on a sheet in 'paper space'?  Or do I have to open up the file and just copy and paste it onto our sheets each time?  Same for north arrow and a few other "standard" items we use on all our sheets.  Same goes for storm inlets and other various drawing items.  In cad - used to creating blocks - so similar idea only in VWs.      

As always - much appreciated.  

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Select the customized scale bar and go to the Modify menu and Create Symbol. At the bottom of the Create Symbol dialog box make sure the Convert to Plug-In Object check box is checked. This will make the text in the Resource Manager display in Red. When you place this symbol on a drawing it will automatically convert back to a standard PIO, but with all your customizations intact.


You will then want to save the symbol into a library file somewhere so it is easy to access from other drawings.

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Hello Pat,


i want to creat a Plug-In Object from an moving light fixture. I do it like your instuctions. But i become only an Group-Symbol with blue text in the Resource Manager.

Can you help me?




VW Spotlight 2017

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There is no way to create a plug-in object without scripting. I don't think I am understanding what you are trying to do.


My description was of a way to put a a plug-in object with preset parameters into a symbol and then insert it into a drawing as a plug-in rather than a symbol. Is that what you are trying to do? 


Since you got a symbol with the name in Blue in the Resource Manager, this tells you that the symbol either contains multiple objects or a single group. When the symbol is inserted you will get a group that contains all of the objects inside the symbol instead of getting a symbol instance.


If you put a single Plug-in object into a symbol, the name in the Resource Manager will be shown in Red and the symbol will insert as a Plug-in instead of as a symbol.


I may be doing something wrong since I don't use Spotlight much, but if you have a Lighting Instrument with Accessories, that seems to create a Blue symbol that will insert as a group. If you then Ungroup that, you should get back to the Instrument and Accessories.


Hope this helps.



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now i put a lamp PIO into a Symbol and the name is red. thats ok. but if i delete the original Symbol of the lamp, i started with, i also delete the drawing from the new red symbol.

I think the red Symbol ist not an new Symbol. there is an link to the original Symbol.

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