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Worksheet not counting nested symbols in a location

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Hi there,

I have put together a drawing and want the worksheet to count nested symbols in a specific area of the drawing. I have named a rectangle area in the drawing "000-OrderArea", and they Symbol "ProjectSeat" appears in this area both on its own, as well as being nested within two other symbols.

Here is the formula in the Worksheet cell:


=COUNT((INSYMBOL & (S='ProjectSeat') & (LOC='000-OrderArea')))


The Worksheet is only counting the 'loose' symbols in the area, not any of the nested ones.


Any clues as to how I can get it to count ALL of the symbols in the area?





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Thanks for getting back to me.


Strangely, the worksheet will count symbols nested in a group, so I've got around the problem by using groups of symbols, rather than nested ones.


This workaround will see me right for this project, but it seems like it should be a pretty easy one to address for the development team?





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Hi @Pat Stanford,


I know this is a bit old, but have come across this one myself now.  I interact with VW worksheets to cost out playground jobs and produce fabrication lists of symbols, so I have a vested interest in getting to the bottom of this.  I have had a play with your sample document and have not been able to reproduce the issue, however I have been able to reproduce in my own documents and I believe it may be something to do with the shape/size of the object which defines the location.  I'm unable to attach the screen capture here for some reason so I have included a link to the video on GD (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zgDb1CYLckKgMDGoiZSKiyNF7k5Eu2K8/view?usp=sharing)


Not sure why it behaves like this; ideas?  My only thought is that the symbols I am using exist in 3D, which maybe affects it somehow??  @knickers I know this is an old one now, but can you have a look at the video and see if you get the same behaviour?

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The LOC function is picky about the z value. Symbols have to be on the same plane as the location defining object is. I guess for 3D symbols their insertion point z value should be the same as the location defining object z.


For example, if a space object is a bit off from the layer plane z, the LOC function won't planar symbols on the layer plane. As far as I know.

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