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Label Legends for Booms

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Hi @ all,

I think this problem is not knew, but I cant find any good solution for it.

I have several booms on sidestage with 4-5 fixtures on top of each other. Booms and fixtures  are drawn in 3D. Now I want to find the best position for their corresponding label legends in Top/Plan view. Of course drawing them in 3D and switching to Top/Plan wil have all legends overlapping and you can't read anything. So my idea is to make  legends for low-, low mid-, top mid- top- and highside position, and distribute each label more to the side. But how do I deal with the fixture symbol ? If I'll leave it at its positon everything is fine unless there are different fixture types. If I make separate labels for each fixture types this will result in a lot of labels and any hand-drawn 2D plan would be quicker.

How do you generally deal with this ?

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You should investigate the Create plot/model view in the spotlight menu under visualisation. This will give you everything you need. It's tricky, but once you get the hang of it you'll find it's the only way to accurately show sidelight positions.

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Hi Mark,

thank you,  diddn't know this comand at all.... :$ Seems that I have another night of experimenting before me. Meanwhile, for finishing this plot I'm just working with, I made some legends for positions and fixture types that fit for this work.

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If you've updated to 2017 it does 3D legends. Then similar to Plot & Model you can just make a viewport of an elevation and lay that out near the plan view. Plot and Model has proven to be complex and problematic.


Another solution I've used is to hand draw the vertical view with simple 2D symbols, then moved the legend components one at a time. It's a tad tedious if you have more than a dozen fixtures but it's very simple to set up and keeps all the data links.

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