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Exporting to IFC without windows


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Hi All,


First time exporting a model out to IFC and seem to have an issue with exporting. I wish to export the model without any windows so that the walls are only showing the structural openings. The windows were created using the windows tool so they are embedded within the walls. I have turned off the Window Class and exported with the "Export visible objects only" selected. When opening with Solibri the structural opening is not there but instead the window structural opening is now a wall as well. When the "Export visible objects only" is deslected I get the structural opening and the glazing. Am I missing something or is there no way to export an IFC with the window structural opening but with no glazing?



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exporting to ifc with 'export visible objects only' deselected doesn't show windows in solibri, only glazing? how come?


play a bit with the classing system (putting e.g. the glazing and window frames in separate classes), with the visibility of the exported elements, and check the ifc entities for walls and windows (down there in the element properties' dialog window - oip)... objects with no ifc entity assignment won't export at all.


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