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Best version of Windows for vw2017


Given all the  supported versions,

which is the best?  I've had more stability

from HP machines, don't know if that's common.

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Do you mean which version of Windows, as in Windows 8 vs Windows 10? or are you talking about hardware manufacturers like HP vs Lenovo?

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Thanks Jim.

It should have been asked in 2 parts. 

I'm shopping for a new laptop for vw 2017.  Given all the window choices, which version has given the best experience?

I have had a Dell M6600 for years.  There were all sorts of conflicts with antivirus software and Dell security that had to be sorted out.  This from vw 2013.

Is there a list of known software conflicts of current computers?

Maybe it was all cleaned up in vw2017 or earlier.




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No reason to go with anything other than Windows 10 really, since Microsoft will eventually force everyone to upgrade. As far as I know no major incompatibilities between Vectorworks 2017 and Windows 10 specifically remain.


No particular brand of laptop I would recommend, the issue with Dell security was a weird one, but easily solved by just removing it. Most of the preloaded junk software on laptops would be the ame, easily removable if it became a problem. 

Make sure it meets or beats these minimums: http://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq as well as the recommendations here: http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1385/Technical+Support+Graphics+Card+(GPU)+Recommendations and you should be good to go!

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