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Josh NZ

VAA Titleblock Current Revision

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I have several VAA Titleblocks in a template.

I also have a worksheet which shows the info from all titleblocks.

As its in a template there are no revisions.

However all the titleblocks show the current revision as A, even thou the list of all revisions shows as no entries.

Images should hopefully show in more detail.





Capture 2.PNG

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Hi Alan, yeah have recalculated and even still happens after file is closed and reopened.

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Hi Josh,


We normally using the '__RevNo' field for current revisions, not the '__CurrentRevision' one.



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I do have that one setup in the worksheet as shows all revisions.

Would be handy to have one column which shows the current one, this is also shown in the titleblock.

Also not sure on how to format the cells so that they read clearly.

As as example if I had revisions A,B,C,D & E, the revisions cell reads something like A         B            C            D           E

The date reads something like : 26/09/1627/09/1601/10/16

and the notes read something like this: Example text for revision A.Example text for revision B.Example text for revision C.

Have tried things like "wrap text", column width etc but no luck.


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Yes would be handy, there's a substring function for worksheets I've seen, but never gotten to work. Needs more testing

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What is the formula you have in the Current Revision column of the worksheet. 


My guess is that the problem is in the worksheet formula, not in the Title Block data.

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Hi Pat


=('VAA Title Block'.'__CurrentRevision') is the formula used.




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Well since I am in the US instead of Aus/NZ, I can't really help too much. I didn't recognize the VAA part until I could not find that Record in my installation.



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