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Andy Broomell

Annotation Tool Improvements


I love the new multiple leader lines feature of Callouts. :)


Two thoughts:


Based on how the rest of Vectorworks functions (such as drawing Polylines or Chain Dimensions), I would expect to be able to double-click when placing the final leader line in order to complete the operation. This is not the case. Instead, double clicking inserts two leader lines on top of each other. Only hitting "Esc" finishes the operation.


The other small thing that would help with user interaction is when trying to delete a leader line, there should be blue handles on the end of each leader line, then you could click on them to delete them. Currently you just click somewhere on the line. We should still be able to click anywhere on the line - that's great - but having blue handles would help inexperienced users by providing a visual clue of what to do.


I think these two things would help unify the new functions with how the rest of Vectorworks operates.

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