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Vw Marketing Videos Don't Show Actual Vw Workflow

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Just now, zoomer said:

Apropos Materials,

the Select Service Media Center currently seems to grow.

This is good as there is a lot valuable material.


But I start to loose overview, currently in the Tips and Tricks section.

Seems it is still somehow somehow sorted by creation time, but someone starts to fill "older (?)"

videos in between. Not all videos have visible VW Version notice that you could class them.

These are good anyway. But I have to start again each time from the oldest to see if there is any

"new" (for me) video.


Or do I forget everything and a video I have seen 3 Month ago will be again new for me ?


Nevertheless I wish to make these searchable, like :

"Show me all Videos about DTM and sort them by age"

"Show me all Videos about VW 2016 and sort them by content, include tips and tricks, webinars but not how too's"


Good news! We plan to hit this page with a variety of hammers. It's on my list after the Marionette sharing system, new Kbase and one or two other items.

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