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So I have a wall section which won't fit on my sheet (architectural). I have to rotate it to fit, however in order to work on it, it has to be vertical, not horizontal. So I have referenced it in to the document set. I seem to recall that in previous versions (I'm using 10.5) one could unlock the referenced layer in the target set, rotate it so that I could print it horizontally. It won't let me do it (get an error message). Am I getting this confused with a layer link, which will let you rotate and keep it? Is there any other trick anyone knows about to do this? Bottom line is, I need to work on the drawing in a vertical format and print horizontally so that I don't develop a stiff neck.

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Assuming you have a layer called "Normal Referenced Layer" I guess you might do this:

1. Create a new layer called "Rotaded to Print Layer"

2. At this new layer, View>Create Layer Link... (choose the "Normal Referenced Layer" and tick project 2D objects)

3. Select All, Edit>Unlock, and rotate de Layer Link at will.

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In the Print or Print Setup dialog box- properties button, is there an option for Rotate or Rotate to fit page? It may be on one of the tabs in the Properties page.

Some HP plotters have it and others don't.

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Here's the catch. The sheet layer needs to stay in the same orientation, only the model layer would rotate, so changing the orientation of the entire sheet when printing is not going to work. Sorry for not being more clear about this.

I assume changing the orientation of the x-y axis in either the source or target file, doesn't help either. I'd still have to turn my head in order to work on the sections.

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we reference plans to another file and then layer link them in order to change scales or rotate them. we do this for pans to site plans and plans to reflected ceiling plans. The catch to this is that the setting up the files can be very cumbersome because of the references and links. Also, I have heard that this can contribute to corruption of files which we have also encountered. We continue to work this way until vectorworks makes a "paper space" option similar to autocad. email me if you need further explaination.

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We do this all the time- use the layer link tool. simply create a new layer (as mentioned above) called 'section for printing' or something like that, make that layer active, create layer link of section, unlock it and rotate to fit sheet. i would then save that view as a preset. since its hot, whenevr you work on the real section drawing, it will always be updated. if the section is in a referenced file, you can do this same setup in the target file. its really quite simnple....

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