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Beam Angle 2 and Field Angle 2 not saving

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I have to manually input Beam Angle 2 and Field Angle 2 in OIW for every lighting unit if I want to draw beam. I have attempted to edit these

in the Lighting Symbol Maintenance window, updated all lighting devices, but when I go back to plot, those values are still missing

from the units, and opening up Lighting Symbol Maintenence window - all the values I inputted are missing again. 

What am I missing? VW2016 SP4

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This is a plot originally done in v2015. I did replace the source 4 par symbols from the Vectorworks ETC library. They didn't have the secondary beam angles either. I edited them in the

lighting symbol maintenance window, selected update all lighting units. Looking at the OIW for a S4 par, the secondary beam angles still aren't reading. 

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Are you using referenced symbols?  If so, you would need to use Lighting Symbol Maintenance on the master file and update the reference.


If this is just an older file you may need to update the Light Info Record format.  The record will preserve any existing data, and you shouldn't need to replace all your symbols.  Use the Resource Browser to navigate to the default Spotlight Symbols.  Locate the Light Info Record and import (via right-click or the lower "triangle" menu in the palette).  Choose the option to replace the record in the current document with the one you are importing.



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