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Disappearing model


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I imported a .dwg file of a ship from SketchUp, converted it to 3D polys, and changed some of the colors.  It looks fine, but whenever I try to scroll in close, the model starts to disappear.  (See attached image.) The odd thing is that is only does this when I’m in a perspective (narrow, normal, wide) viewing mode – it doesn’t happen when it is set to orthographic.


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Not sure why you have imported it as a DWG and then converted it to 3D polys?


Explode in SketchUp so there are no components or groups (check in the Outliner). Make into a single component (purge all to clean up) and save as .skp. Best to save as the version that is 1 less than the VW version you are using so save as 14 if you are using VW 2015 and so on.


Import the .skp file into VW and make sure you check the box that imports colours as textures. I only say this because you model seems to have solid colours rather than SU materials.


Should work fine.

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I really appreciate your response, but it didn’t answer my questions. Perhaps I was not being clear: I wasn’t asking “What’s a better way to do this?”, I was asking “Why didn’t this work?”

I didn’t import as a SketchUp file because I have only the Fundamentals version, and it is not equipped with that function.  In any event, even if I had another version that COULD import SketchUp files, I would still want to know why importing the .dwg file did not work – an important functionality, SketchUp notwithstanding.

Also, there is the matter of why the ship will display properly in Orthographic but not in Normal Perspective.  Still odder, when I render the ship, it is all there, but if I switch back to OpenGL after a rendering, part of the ship will disappear.

By the way, I should point out that I have done this same procedure with FAR more complicated SketchUp drawings, and it worked fine.  I'm baffled by why it is not working in this case.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

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Hi, I find this sometimes, the program will cut off this model just as you see it. No reason that I could find except I suspect that the graphics card is chucking a wobbly, so a restart usually fixes it. Even have to resort to a computer restart to fix it sometimes.


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3 hours ago, Christian Fekete said:

I have seen this in sketchup also and I remember reading that it is related to how close you are from the model in perspective view. Is VW doing the same thing now is surprising. Could this be inherited from SKP?


C4D does the same thing as well, but it has a setting you can adjust to fix it..... its directly related to how close the model is to the editor "camera" in perspective view.



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I don't remember specifically, but I seem to recall an old thread discussing this issue. I feel like the root cause had something to with either A) the model being really far away from the document origin, or B) something to do with cropped/uncropped perspective, where the model was perhaps zoomed really far out when the Document Settings were set to cropped, and this was somehow affecting the view when the Document Settings were set to uncropped. Might be worth playing around with.

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I seem to have just started having this issue.  It appears to have started randomly, but maybe I did something.  I've moved everything close as possible to origin, and tried both cropped settings.  No change.  It's extremely annoying as I would like to get very close to an object.  The entire drawing is quite large, a factory about 400' by 100'.

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