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Plugins playing up



Hi, I have just updated my VW from 2008 to 2017 & am finding my custom tools are misbehaving!

I have a library of essentially simple vectorscript tools for speeding up drawing, here is the simplest;

The problem is that with VW2017 I find the rectangle is coming out at twice its width - it should be a square. The tool seems to reset itself to centreline placement mode and double the box width.

I'm pretty sure they were ok with 2016 for the very brief time I had it before updating.

A bug or??!

Thanks - Mark


batten tool.JPG

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But the thing is, I havn't changed the script at all.  The tool has only started behaving like this with 2017. 

And it is the width that has doubled. It (normally) works by drawing an 'L' with the three points setting the height & width. The height works, but the width (the horizontal bit of the 'L') is coming out double. 

Its a bit of a pain as I have several tools which are rather complicated - maybe easier stick with the older version of VW for now. 

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Well a step of 9 years is huge. It could be that some of the functionality changed. Such a big step will require you to retest all your plug-ins as some functions might have changed or deprecated. For what's worth, the developer wiki keeps track of changes between versions.


Maybe the length used to be center to right and has changed into left to right effectively doubling the length. In that case just use aa/2.


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Yes - I guess the funtionality has changed? or is it a glitch?

VW2016 does this; (the square one)

& VW2017 does this; (the rectangle one)

Same plug in, different versions of VW. Its as though the edge placement mode get overridden by the centre placement mode.

VW2016 batten tool.JPG

VW2017 batten tool.JPG

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Apologies for digging this up again - could anyone else confirm this is a problem? Or am I completely overlooking something, before I get all of my custom tools rewritten!

I have also tried it with the sample simple grid script from these pages, which is also a basic rectangle tool; the same behaviour, it works properly in v2016, but does as above in v2017.

Thanks Mark

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The object behaves exactly the same for me in both 2016 and 2017.


There is nothing in the code that would ever require the object to be a square. If you really wanted a square, the code should not allow you to input both the width and the height.


To bind this to a square you could just ignore the height parameter and change all of the bb to aa in the script. Then you will always get a square regardless of how far you draw the second leg.


Could there be a different version of the plug-in laying around that has the square capability instead of the ability to make rectangles?


I don't have an easy way to run back to VW12, but I don't think there have been any major changes to the way 3 point PIOs work since then. 

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